Female Bodyguards are Feared

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melvin polatnick

Female bodyguards are being employed in larger numbers. They are proving to be more useful than the old style version of a macho protector. Hiring a woman as a bodyguard gives you the added protection that you can unleash her power with little chance of liability. No judge will believe that a woman is capable of using such a powerful force.

Women that are being harassed and stalked by a rejected lover are turning to private security agencies to have a woman bodyguard protect them. The
female bodyguard will quickly provide a solution. Any guy that is harassing and stalking her client will soon be taught a lesson he will never forget. A swift kick to his balls will teach him to keep his distance from his former girlfriend. He will be too embarrassed to report this painful experience to the proper authorities.

One private security agency employs over fifty females who have earned black belts. Each one of them is capable of battling with as much as three ordinary men and sending them all to the hospital. One of the agencies bodyguards is a sixty year old grandma that has been proven to be the most deadly. She once demolished a street gang single-handed. She was hired by a store owner that was being harassed by the gang. Witnesses said the sight of an elderly lady ass wiping ten tough men was a sight that they would never forget.

Hollywood stars who are stalked by admirers are turning to female bodyguards for protection. Male bodyguards are useless against a gang of fans determined to sexually molest a celebrity. That gang has to be kicked and punched to protect their client. It would look awful if one of their male bodyguards would do that. A few female bodyguards with black belt experience could send a pack of stalkers running in the opposite direction. Nobody but the stalkers that were making the life of the celebrity a bad one would complain. Their complaints would fall on deaf ears.

A dictator of an oil rich country keeps one hundred female bodyguards in his compound. They are all lesbians that are extremely loyal to their benefactor. If he dies they will all be homeless. Each one carries a sword and pistol, they will quickly use either one if their master is in danger. A coup by members of the army was quickly defeated by his female bodyguards. The testicles of the disloyal were strewn around the compound grounds. No prisoners were taken. It is sure nobody will ever try to depose that dictator again.

The female bodyguard is quickly replacing male protection because she is more effective. Many single men that are weak and poor as fighters are now marrying women that have earned the degree of a black belt. They have found it to be a great way of protecting themselves. The macho male is slowly losing his power in the face of a female that knows how to battle. This is bad news for bullies and those that victimize the weak. It is good news for people who need a lady that can fight.

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Jon Gosselin Makes Emotional Health Claims About His Kids

Jon Gosselin’s 15 minutes of fame have been over for years.

Although, he is doing everything he can to stay in the headlines.

His public spouts with his ex-wife Kate are old.

Kate is on the cover of People magazine with their two oldest kids (Mady and Cara).

Instead of applauding his ex for keeping the lights on; Jon is making claims about the kids emotional health.


Gosselin twins

Jon implies that Kate is exploiting the kids.

Mady and Cara, age 13, are eager to speak their minds. They refute anyone’s claims about their emotional state.

The girls say “People think we’re supposed to be messed up, like, Oooooh the poor Gosselin kids, they’re going to scarred for life, waaaah”.

Mady went on to say “Here is the BIG news, we’re not messed up.”

Cara added “It is so false. We’re fine, we are better than ever, actually.”

The Gosselin family remains in the spotlight largely because of the disputes between Jon and Kate.

Jon is tagged for the VH1 television show “Couples Therapy”.

I say move on Jon or be a helpful assistance toward raising your children.

He did not question their emotional state during “Jon and Kate plus 8.”


The “No Lindsay” Rule at Britney’s Las Vegas Show

Last month Britney Spears opened her Las Vegas tour and some of her famous friends were there.

The famous face missing is the bigger controversy.  Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez were front row.

No doubt they were having a good time.  Miley’s eyes are closed and Selena looks more like she had too much sauce. :)

Miley and Selena

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez

Her former party “Ace”, Lindsay Lohan was absent.   Why did Lindsay skip out on Britney’s opening tour?

Did she have a scheduling conflict?

Brit and Lindsay

Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan

It maybe a while before we see this kind of picture again.

According, to Intouch Weekly Britney’s father, Jamie Spears feels that Lindsay Lohan is a bad influence on his daughter.

He has been trying to enforce a “No Lindsay” clause since 2007 with his famous daughter.

Lindsay Lohan is banned from visiting Britney during her 2 year Las Vegas tour.

I say it is about time somebody keep the bad influences away from Britney.  She is back on track.

She has more important priorities in her life than partying.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Try Love Again.

Justin and selenaJustin Bieber has been on two tours, his musical tour and a heartbreak tour.

Both tours have been plagued with controversy.

He rebels against critics and the paparazzi when he is not on stage.

His most recent incident involves his bodyguards roughing up the paparazzi at an IHOP in Los Angeles.

When he is on his musical tour, he has problems sleeping because he is fearful of a crazed fan breaking into his room.

Justin is probably missing love in his life.  He has ordered his bodyguards to watch over him as he sleeps.

According to Hollywood Life, Justin and Selena has gotten back together for love although, most people say out of compassion for each other.

It has been revealed that Selena Gomez has been suffering from Lupus for years.

She took a break to care for herself.  Now she has reunited back with Justin.

Hopefully, she can cure Justin’s heartbreak ailment and he can return the favor by taking care of her.

According to WebMD, lupus is an autoimmune disorder that could effect other healthy body tissues.

Love can heal the heart and make other ailments bearable.

“When the heart is happy, the rest of the body follows.”


Madonna’s Son (Rocco) Holding A Gin Bottle

roccoMadonna was enjoying some time with family in the Swiss Alps.

She invited her son, Rocco Ritchie, to get in on the fun by posing for an instagram photo holding a gin bottle with his friends.

Is she encouraging a party life-style?

Do you see anything wrong with a 13-year old kid holding a GIN bottle?

Are we being too judgmental?  Do we need to relax?

Madonna tells us to not start 2014 being too JUDGY.

Well Madonna, I think you invited criticism and perhaps a little judgement when you posted the picture.

I do not care what country you are in; it is NOT okay for a 13-year old kid to be holding a liquor bottle.

Eventually, he is going to want to taste what is inside.

You may say you are not condoning drinking, but an adolescent kid sees it differently.

I do not know how your son will grow up, but he has a good start.

You are acting more like a friend than a MOM when you ask your child to pose with a liquor bottle.

I hope I am wrong.  Maybe you are right about people looking too deep, however only time will tell.


African-American Female To Join SNL

Sasheer Zemanta

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took some heat recently by NOT having a black female cast member.

It all started when A.A. cast members Kenan Thompson and Jay Pharoah made it known publicly they would no longer dress in drag as black females.

Then SNL made a joke about the controversy late last year by having “Scandal” star Kerry Washington play Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey,  and Beyonce in the same comedy skit.

There has been 137 regular cast members since the SNL debut in 1975, however there has only been 4 A.A. female cast members.

The last A.A. female cast member was Maya Rudolph, which is biracial.

Maya Rudolph is the daughter of music producer Dick Rudolph and soul singer Minnie Riperton.

Maya left the show in 2007 and she went on to star in the movie “Grown Ups”.

The controversy highlighted last year.

Executive producer Lorne Michaels said that SNL has been working hard behind the scenes trying to find an A.A. comedienne.

Michaels announced that black comedienne Sasheer Zamanta will join the show this month when it starts production January 18, 2014.

Rapper Drake is scheduled to be the host and the musical entertainment.

Sasheer is a recent University of Virginia graduate and she worked for the New York Upright Citizens Brigade comedy troupe.

I welcome Sasheer to the cast and I appreciate SNL for continuing to search for a replacement.


Katie Holmes and Suri Shopping

KATIE AND SURIKatie Holmes was enjoying some quiet time with her 7-year old daughter Suri.

She was spotted outside a Miami shopping  plaza visiting some stores, after making a brief stop for some frozen yogurt.

The evening did not go undisturbed because her bodyguard had to step in front of some cars.

To let her and her daughter pass safely.

Katie was enjoying some time poolside exposing her bikini body.

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Taylor Swift Looked Stunning Shopping

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift doned a form fitting black top with a matching short skirt and leggings.

She flashed her pearly whites behind her full red lipstick lips.

The “I knew you were trouble” singer looked like she stepped off the pages of Vogue magazine.

Her bodyguard stood watch as she shopped in West Hollywood.

He was ready to squash any disturbances by crazed fans.

Taylor’s shopping experience was uneventful.

In related news, Taylor spent New Years’s day celebrating with her close friend Sarah Hyland.

The two posed for selfies and posted the pictures on Swift’s twitter account.


Top Grossing Spike Lee Movies #1

Inside ManWell Spike has done it again.

He spread his directorial wings a little further.

Do you see a pattern here.  Denzel is in his top money making movies.

Spike I hope you are taking note.

This movie opened many doors for Spike and put him where he belongs in the same conversation with the great directors.

I must admit I only saw bits and pieces of this movie.  However, it got good reviews by the critics.

Thanks is it folks.  I hope you enjoyed a peek into Spike movie making career.